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I last updated this site on 03/16/02 Just look to the right for a news update.

The Gods of Rock

Ace Frehley

Gene Simmons

Paul Stanley

Bruce Kulick

Vinnie Vinncent

Mark St John




Most of this site is underconstruction so please keep checking back to see what is new.


I WANT TO WELCOME EVERYONE TO THE UNOFFICAL HOME FOR THE GUTARS OF KISS! This site will soon be the biggest KISS guitar site on the web with the most information, guitar specs, interviews, and just about anything else that is KISS guitar related. I know that is a bold statement but I am fully prepared to back it up. If you have a question about KISS or if you have a cool guitar picture or a link or something you can e-mail me at ( you will get full credit for the information/picture if I use it on here) or if you are on AOL then you can almost ALWAYS find me in the KISS ARMY ONLINE chat room.

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